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Venus V 666 Black Color Full Face Mask

Easy to use and low maintenance. Gives head support and even distribution of weight. Good skin comfort in tough conditions. Provide leakproof fit. Polycarbonate lens meets impact test requirement for face protection. High clarity & durability. For easy and audible communication. IS 14166:1994, CM/L-3715864.
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    Special Features

  • Full Face Mask
  • Core Features

  • SKU: SA.RE.FU.459673
  • Type: Full Face Mask
  • Material: Neoprene Rubber
  • Connection: Pentabelt
  • Standards: RD40 Thread for connection to any standard thread cannister as per IS 14138 (Part 1) : 1994.
  • Features: Face side speech diaphragm for easy and audible communication. Suitable for use with V-776 Chemical filter.
  • Color: Black
  • Model No: V-666
  • Price: 3060. Rs
  • Made In: South Africa
  • Category: Respiratory Protection
  • Tags: HalfMaskRespirators