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Agni Suraksha Delta Two Zone Gas Release Fire Alar

Fully confirms IS 2189 Battery backup with built in charger Zone wise fire / fault status in unambiguous colored LED indications. System On, AC fail, silence visual indications. Battery Low & Common fire/fault indications. Two mode selection facility (Auto/Manual). Cross zoning facility. Gas Inhibition and Instant Release Facility. Manual Gas Release without timer. Actuator Pressure Low Sensing. Feather touch switches for auto/manual mode selection, manual release, manual abort, Disable operations. UP/DOWN switch for delay time setting. External s/w for reset, Silence, Lamp test. Sov line monitoring facility and line status through LED display. LED indication for valve operations and gas discharged. 7-segment display for discharged delay time setting. Key lock for enabling and disabling of control switches. Relay O/P for actuators. Common fire, fault and predischarge potential free contacts. Enough inside space for battery Attachable with all types of fire detectors. Rugged CRCA sheet with powder coated finish. Technical SPecification: Operating Humidity : 95% (non-condensing) Zone Operating Condition Normal Loop Voltage : 23v DC Open Threshold Current : 4.4 mA Short Threshold Current : 35 mA Fire Threshold Current : 15 – 35 mA Alarm Outputs Hooter Output : 750mA @24v DC (Normal) Remote Outputs Fire Contact1 (C,NO,NC) : 240v AC at 2A /24v DC at 5A Please Note: Product may differ (eg. colour) from the product Image displayed on website. Kindly check the technical specifications provided in description to make better purchase decision.
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    Special Features

  • Gas Release Panel
  • Delta Two Zone Gas
  • Core Features

  • SKU: SA.FI78.1581258
  • Type: Fire Alarm Panel
  • Sub Type: Gas Release Panel
  • Mode: Delta
  • Zone: 2.0
  • Power Source: 220V AC
  • +/- 10% 50Hz: Battery(Standby)
  • 24 V DC: End of Line (EOL) Resistance
  • 2K: 2 ohm
  • Temperature: 0 – 40° C
  • Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
  • Color: Simens Grey
  • Price: 11250. Rs
  • Made In: New Zealand
  • Category: Fire Alarm System
  • Tags: DeltaTwoZoneGasFireAlarm