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Ceasefire 1L-TI-000270 Smoke Detector Chamber Ioni

Ceasefire's smoke detectors use cutting-edge technology to detect the faintest traces of smoke in a home, giving you enough time to get to the nearest extinguisher and defeat the fire. Dual chamber ionization technology provides the highest degree of sensitivity and reliability. A built-in light provides a critical light source in the event of a power failure. An independent 9 volt power supply and a low battery warning system ensure that the smoke detector is always in working condition. The loud 85 dB(A) alarm guarantees to alert you even if a fire breaks out late at night. The highly sensitive Ceasefire Smoke Detector 1LE is equipped with Dual Chamber Ionization Detectors that detect even the smallest smoke particle. The very second smoke is detected, a loud 85db alarm is activated. The SD-1LE works even when there's no electricity. Battery Operated Works on AIR-volt battery, independent of power supply. Please Note: Product may differ (eg. colour) from the product Image displayed on website. Kindly check the technical specifications provided in description to make better purchase decision.
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    Special Features

  • Smoke Detector Sub Type: Dual Chamber Ionisation Type
  • Core Features

  • SKU: SA.SM.256277
  • Type of Product: Smoke Detector
  • Sub Type : Dual Chamber Ionisation Type
  • Dual Chamber Ionisation Type: Dual Chamber Ionisation Type
  • Power Source: 9 V
  • Connectivity : Standalone
  • Alarm Sound Level : 85 dB
  • Features : Bright escape light activates with alarm to illuminate a path to safety. Mute button
  • mutes unnecessary alarms immediately. Also tests alarm function with same button. EZ access battery door: no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery. Optional theft-prevention lock
  • when activated: batteries and/or alarm cannot be removed without proper tools. Ionization smoke sensor
  • optimal smoke detection from flaming fires.: Dimensions
  • 6.63 x 2.25 Inch: 6.63 x 2.25 Inch
  • 1L - TI-000270:
  • Price: 4200. Rs
  • Made In: South Africa
  • Category: Smoke Detector
  • Tags: SmokeDetectorDualChamberIonisationType