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Thadani First Aid Kit High Visibility Orange Medic

First Aid Kit Properties: Complies with ANSI Z308.1-2009 Type III Standards. Has versatile internal partitioning and Plexiglas cover on both halves of the kit to cover contents and to make the contents visible while opening. Designed for mobile and stationary use. Has a High Visibility Orange Colour making it clearly visible even from far off distance. Supplied with Wall Mounting Holder & mounting accessories. The design and functioning of the kits are in such a way that the kits can be taken off their Wall holders quickly and taken directly up to the accident site. Kit Casing is made of robust high grade ABS Plastic, which make it impact resistant & temperature resistant. Kits are maintenance free & can be dismantled into individual parts for cleaning/sanititizing purpose. Kits are designed & engineered in such a way that the contents are optimally protected against water droplets and dust by the continuous neoprene rubber seal running throughout the opening of the kit. Kits have 2 Equal Halves, versatile Internal partitioning and transparent plexiglass covers, easily operated Turn Locks, Integrated Handle, content list, provision to fill in emergency Numbers, standard silk screen printed film Inscription. Thadhani is a Drug License holder since 1947. Thadhani sterile products are manufactured as per CE 0123 norms and their shelf life is guaranteed for up to 5 years. Even the best materials, stored in ideal conditions (cool & dry), will loose their elasticity and adhesiveness over time. Therefore, we recommend that the contents should be regularly checked and replaced as and when required. Contents Sl. No. Item Qty. 1. First Aid Guide Book - 54 Page 01 2. Scissors 01 3. Snake Bite Lancet 01 4. Wound Cleaning Antiseptic Wipes 30 5. Tincture - Providone Wipes 20 6. Cotton Wool - 15 gm. 03 7. Adhesive Plaster - Small 02 8. Small Sterlised Dressing 06 9. Medium Sterlised Dressing 06 10. Large Sterlised Dressing 06 11. Sterlisd Eye Pad In Sield Packet (Dressing) With Elastic Dressing Roll 05 12. Tourniquet 01 13. Safety Pins 24 14. Roller Bandage - Medium 5 cm Wide X 2mtr. 05 15. Roller Bandage - Medium 10 cm Wide X 2mtr. 05 16. Triangular Bandage 04 17. Burn Ointment 01 18. Cpr Mask 02 19. Instant Cold Pack 02 20. Adhesive Bandages 16 21. Burn/ Rescue Blanket 01 22. Disposable Gloves (1 Pair) 01 23. Muscle Relaxant Ointment 01 24. Gauze Pad - 5 cm 03 25. Gauze Pad - 7.5 cm 03
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